Bio Medical Equipment
Central Station
Picture Product Description
  • World-class central station software on Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Easy mouse operation
  • 1-16 bed option, focused monitoring for critical patients
  • Monitoring information and command management, data and trend recall
  • Large capacity storage for review, analysis
  • Optional laser printer for waveform and text printout
  • Connected to max 64 bedside units at the same time
  • Up to 64 waveforms for 32 bedside monitors (dual-screen display)
  • 17 types of arrhythmia analysis
  • Collect and display multiple physiological parameters and waveforms measured by the bedside units: ECG / HR / RESP / SPO2 / PULSE / NIBP / 2-TEMP / 2-IBP / ETCO2 / Multigas (N2O, O2,AA) / ICG (C.I.)
  • All physiological parameters and waveforms (13 channels at most) presentation for one patient
  • Possible to set up the color of each individual parameter text or waveform
  • Optional language: English / French / Chinese
  • Automatic data save in case of power failure
  • Alarm limits set up for all parameters, audible and visible alarms for exceeding the limit
  • Connection available network system of the hospital