Bio Medical Equipment
Pulse Oximeter
Picture Product Description
NeuPulse 8
  • Handheld design, compact, light for carrying and handing
  • Brilliant, easy-to-see LED
  • Advanced digital processing technology
  • Accurate measurement during low perfusion
  • Anti-movement, stable performance
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
  • Convenient AA size alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • 4 AA batteries for 24 hours of continuous operation
  • Parameters: Digital SPO2, Pulse rate, Pulse bar
  • CE certified
NeuPulse 8B
  • Handheld design, portable and light weight
  • Measuring SpO2, Pulse Rate (PR) and Perfusion Index (PI) value
  • Histogram display of SpO2 plethysmogram and pulse strength
  • Visual and audible alarm with adjustable alarm limits
  • Available storage modes for user selection: 1 group/1s, 1 group/4s and 1 group/8s
  • Up to 70 hours storage time for SpO2 and PR data in default storage mode
  • Trend curve review of SpO2 and PR
  • Automatic power-off when no signal for longer than 1 minute
  • Three AA batteries capacity, low battery indication
  • Stored data transmittable to PC for review and analysis by optional PC software
NeuPulse 9
  • Automatic power-off function
  • Color OLED to display SpO2, pulse rate and PI as well as the bar-graph of pulse
  • Stored measurement results & transmission to PC by serial port
  • Two AAA batteries are required for operation with low power consumption
  • Battery voltage indication
  • Alarm function, high & low alarm limits adjustable
  • Time & date display, adjustable by the user
  • Time setting for the automatic measurement
  • Storage mode selectable: 1 group/ 1s, 1 group/4s, 1 group/8s
  • User-friendly, one-key operation
  • Light weight, small size, and portable
  • Automatic power-off/on
  • Audible and visual alarm for SpO2, and pulse rate
  • Automatic power-off after 6 seconds of idle signal
  • Monitoring the value and waveform of SpO2 and pulse, PI (Perfusion Index) and histogram of pulse display
  • CE certified
  • Small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry and operate
  • Color LCD display measurement data with multi-directions
  • SpO2 and PR in digital, and display Pulse Intensity by bar-graph.
  • Can measure and display Perfusion Index.
  • Low perfusion Index capability and resists against interference.
  • Has Audio & Video Alarm and low power indicator.
  • Automatic power-on after the finger is put into the sensor.
  • Automatic power-off if no signal lasting for 8s
  • It is designed particularly for enfant (the size of sensor is small)
  • It has chargeable button cell.