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Vital Signs Monitor
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NewTech VS V
  • It can measure NIBP parameters such as the Systole Blood Pressure, Diastole Blood Pressure and Mean Arterial Blood Pressure
  • Storage a list of 1500 groups of NIBP measurement data
  • It can measure SpO2, Pulse Rate, and Perfusion Index; the plethysmogram can be displayed on LCD
  • Storage of 100 patients' information
  • Long-distance alarm function
  • Network function makes it to upload the stored data to a central station
  • A nurse-call alarm interface is available
  • Two operating modes: normal monitoring and power saving mode
  • Adult and Child patient mode selection for NIBP measurement
  • Flexible menu setup and audible/visual alarm function
  • Battery powered and can also be powered by AC mains power supply
  • Built-in printer is optional
NewTech VSI
  • Easy button operation, access all major functions rapidly
  • Brilliant, easy-to-see LED
  • 3-level audible and visual alarms
  • Removable & rechargeable battery
  • Digital SPO2, high capacity against interference of ESU, motion & low infusion
  • Isolated against defibrillation effect
  • Wireless or wire communication with central station system
  • Integrated handle and full mounting solutions
  • CE certified